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Writer and Communication expert. I’ll teach you strategies to share your desires and achieve your goals through honesty and empathy. Venezuelan, ENTJ.


This is why you’re not getting any.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Anal sex has been around since the dawn of time. Why? Because humans are curious. When there’s a problem, we want to fix it, and where there’s a hole… somebody will stick something in it in the name of science and pleasure.

Most likely, our ancestors -even before inventing the wheel- were already puzzling over how deep you can go into someone else’s anus, rolling up their mammoth skin sleeves under the dim light of a dying bonfire.

That’s what we’re going to be tackling today: your curious bone and perhaps your sphincter too.

“Nowadays, you can do anything that…


Free your kinks and send your fears away.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Who’s in charge of your sexual pleasure?

That’s a hell of a question. Sometimes our most unusual sexual fantasies seem impossible to accept, let alone fulfill. If you’re ready to change that, there are two essential skills you’ll need to master: negotiation and self-awareness.

Good instincts and reasoning play an essential role in our possibilities to conquer almost everything in life. Let’s say we want something. Anything.

Well, we have to work hard until we get it. Then, for a brief moment, we can savor the joy of accomplishment and press repeat. …


An empathic guide to cutting all ties when there’s no other choice

Cartoon of a chain breaking.
Image source: Trifonenko.

Have you ever felt the need to cut ties with a highly toxic person who plays a significant role in your life? I have. On more than one occasion, regrettably, I have been involved with narcissistic people.

Achieving that realization and understanding the reasons why that kept happening wasn't easy or quick. So, nowadays, I’m working on setting boundaries to prevent the whole story from repeating itself.

What successfully got me out of relationships with narcissistic people was setting in motion the strategies described below.

What Ghosting Is All About

Ghosting is a radical way to set effective boundaries with people who lack empathy or…


Let all your secret kinks out.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

What type of porn do you like?

That simple question could save us lots of trouble in the long run. If only dating could be that easy. Sexual openness has increased over the years, but talking about your boudoir kinks and favorite porn stars is taboo.

My favorite porn actor is Nacho Vidal, in case you’re wondering. Nacho is a very sexy, intelligent, ambitious entrepreneur who works in Barcelona, ​​talking about ethics and raising awareness in the pornography industry.

He also sells perfume bottles that are reliable replicas of his most alluring body part.


Try #9 at least once.

Photo by Dainis Graveris from Pexels

What if the context forced you to have a meaningful and satisfactory sex life? You owe that to yourself, yet there’s nothing more complex to achieve.

BDSM, like other fetishistic lifestyles, embraces the oddities and unique sexual interests of its practitioners. That’s why my intention it’s revisiting those successful aspects of BDSM that should leave their definitive rubber or latex stamp in every bedroom for everyone’s gain and everyone’s pleasure… especially yours.

Nevertheless, I’m not trying to convince anyone ​to get into a Dom-Sub relationship, nor do I profit from selling whips. …

MWC Space

The last wound that needs healing remains within.

Photo by hanen souhail on Unsplash

How can you recover from abuse without understanding you’re unknowingly after more abuse? I know this sounds a lot like victim-blaming, and I’m sorry for that. However, what the pandemic forced me to understand about myself can help you too.

Perhaps, like myself, you’ve been to therapy for years, making incredible discoveries about your past, rewriting the narrative of your upbringing, and making strides in your progress.

For me, progress meant ending a toxic relationship, delving into the world of self-awareness, and joining activities that I believed I could never practice because of my weight.

Little by little, I took…


#3. A clitoris is not a tiny penis.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

We all want to be great in bed.

Nevertheless, each partner we bump into is a different universe, with different needs, likes, and unique expectations. How to deal with so many variables? It’s hard, but! What if I told you there are five small changes you could start implementing today to become an unforgettable lover?

That’s right.

Five mind shifts anyone can apply to reignite the passion in a relationship, even if you’re long-distance.

But, before we move on to the five tips to enhance your sex life, there are two things I need you to do:

  • Think about what…


Hint: penis size and chemistry have nothing to do with it.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Let’s face it. Orgasms aren’t about chemistry.

Many of us have found ourselves in relationships characterized by compatibility, overwhelming physical attraction, common goals… yet sexually frustrated.

It’s an inexplicable mystery, but it does happen. So what’s preventing you and your sexual partner from enjoying satisfactory sex? Are you unable to reach orgasms no matter how hard you both try?

Is there something wrong with you? Is your relationship doomed to pleasure starvation? Of course not!

But there’s plenty of things in this article that can help you end that drought. …

This Latin M.O. is slowly flourishing internationally.

This trumpet-shaped flower is characteristic of the “drunken binge tree.” Designed in Canva by Nataly U.

Even 40 years after Pablo Escobar’s death and an extensive drug war fought with international aid, Colombia hasn’t been able to wash out the reputation of being a dangerous vacay destination.

Now there’s another warning preventing tourists from all over the world from enjoying this beautiful South American country.

An ornamental tree has single-handedly increased the hazards of online dating beyond the scope of imagination.

Through the course of 10 months visiting Colombia, I’ve become fascinated with the local hospitality, waterfalls, and the ever-growing ex-pat community that comes to Medellin looking for opportunities.

Colombia’s economic development, party culture, and favorable…

It could be your boss, a co-worker, or even a client.

Photo: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is as real as it gets. The thing is that people with this mental illness tend to achieve success quickly in the business/entrepreneurial environment.

That means two things:

  1. You’ll inevitably find people with NPD throughout your career.
    It will take time for you to figure out whether you’re working for a competent businessperson or with a total fluke with a degree in kissing the right behinds and a master in stealing their coworker’s ideas.
  2. As opposed to their self-aware counterparts, a Narcissist’s ambition and charming ways help them climb the corporate stairs even if they aren’t…

Nataly Urbaez

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