Let all your secret kinks out.

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What type of porn do you like?

That simple question could save us lots of trouble in the long run. If only dating could be that easy. Sexual openness has increased over the years, but talking about your boudoir kinks and favorite porn stars is taboo.

My favorite porn actor is Nacho Vidal, in case you’re wondering. Nacho is a very sexy, intelligent, ambitious entrepreneur who works in Barcelona, ​​talking about ethics and raising awareness in the pornography industry.

He also sells perfume bottles that are reliable replicas of his most alluring body part.

Your brain needs help to recover its mojo.

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If you’ve noticed your number of social interactions has dropped over the last year, it’s not just because of the confinement. Isolation can cause negative changes in your brain, cutting down the chances of having a social life by building meaningful connections.

Have you also seen changes in your social skills? We all have! But, that could improve with the brain workout I’m about to show you.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

― C.G. Jung

1. Understanding what isolation does to the brain:

Why do you need cuddling, chatting, and attending meetings you would rather avoid…


6 Strategies to deal with narcissistic family abuse.

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After fleeing the U.S. to recover from a year of narcissistic abuse, manipulation, and COVID-19, I managed to separate the wheat from the chaff. Rescuing my marriage and myself from all that drama was hard… but full of valuable lessons.

Today, I will share six narcissistic signs that can warn you about a family’s toxicity. You can also use this advice to evaluate your social circle, your current relationship, and even your work environment.

What’s narcissistic abuse?

Narcissism is a well-camouflaged personality disorder that’s causing more damage now than ever before. …


My American dream was a nightmare

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Countless stories have been written about the pandemic. But there’s one teeny-tiny angle that some of you may have failed to consider: immigration.

In a year when the world stopped flying, assigning visas, and all the immigration-related offices were either closed or solely operating with a skeleton crew of essential workers, my big American dream turned into a nightmare.

This is the story of how I was trapped in the States, legally married to a U.S. resident, without having a legal permit to work or provide for myself, while being abused by his family.

“What if you guys get married?”

I’m from Venezuela, a communist devastated…

Re-learning how to healthily love yourself and others

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We all believe that love is innate. But love, aside from being a feeling, is also a craft we often take for granted. What if I told you that you need to re-learn how to love — first yourself and then others?

Would you believe if I told you that love is more about boundaries and less about giving yourself completely and unconditionally? Rather tricky, right?

Love is an activity that requires training, discipline, and feedback. Many times we encounter significant obstacles when it comes to relating to others. …

Personal Growth

If applied, you’ll finally heal your inner child.

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There’s a concept that has stuck in my mind ever since I heard of it the first time. During a tough-love therapy session, my psychologist mentioned this amazing idea that speeds up your personal growth.

That concept was “parenting yourself.” It consists of learning how to take care of yourself “as a parental figure would” simple, right?

Let’s think about it together:

Parental figures are our main source of love, emotional stability, social interaction, and boundaries while growing up.

The peculiarities of the parenting style we are born into by chance have tons of implications on the person we’ll become during adulthood.

For example, let’s…


Five myths that are ruining your sex life.

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Have you ever been naked with a person that doesn’t seem to understand how sex works? What’s supposed to be wet is getting dryer and dryer. What’s supposed to be hard lies as defeated as the sexual desire that guided you there.

Can bad sex ruin a relationship? Of course, it can. But guess what: bad sex can be fixed. Most of the time, you can find the solution with a couple of drinks and an honest conversation.

This article is not an ode for masturbation, nor does it seeks to promote that you end things with your current partner…


Strategies to better meet the wants and needs of your readers

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Desire and curiosity, arousal and intrigue. There are multiple connections between great sex and amazing writing. Today we’ll explore how poorly written articles leave your readers wanting more, and not in a good way.

Especially when it comes to headlines, the possibility of using clickbait as a strategy to catch readers’ attention is one of the most common practices in the world of content.

Alluring audiences with empty promises has the same effect as dating a renowned gigolo to find out he doesn’t know how to unhook a bra. Yet, crafting the perfect headline is even more challenging.

How can…

Three keys to discovering your roadmap towards success

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Not knowing what your calling is can be a lifelong dilemma. The biblical phrase: “man shall not live by bread alone” becomes very valid when having a stable job grimes your creativity away.

If you feel working is something you do just to put food on the table, it’s more than possible you haven’t found your true calling.

Let me share with you how and why finding your purpose will increase your productivity.

Changing yourself will change the world:

There comes a time when we suddenly start asking ourselves how our future will look like.

What is my purpose in life? What moves me? …


5 Secrets to Build A Love Connection Even From Across The Globe

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Long-distance relationships are growing faster than other forms of romantic connections. But, how can you make one work? Between the different time zones, the need for physical affection, and all the other options available in town, committing can be challenging.

As I said before, hope is an energy that can keep you motivated, but actions are far more persuasive than promises.

Nevertheless, here you’ll find five ways to make your love grow even if you’re physically away for months, even years.

But first, does it worth going the distance?

Long-distance relationships are becoming more popular because research shows people can also grow a meaningful bond even if they…

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