Free your kinks and send your fears away.

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Who’s in charge of your sexual pleasure?

That’s a hell of a question. Sometimes our most unusual sexual fantasies seem impossible to accept, let alone fulfill. If you’re ready to change that, there are two essential skills you’ll need to master: negotiation and self-awareness.

Good instincts and reasoning play an essential role in our possibilities to conquer almost everything in life. Let’s say we want something. Anything.

Well, we have to work hard until we get it. Then, for a brief moment, we can savor the joy of accomplishment and press repeat. …


An empathic guide to cutting all ties when there’s no other choice

Cartoon of a chain breaking.
Cartoon of a chain breaking.
Image source: Trifonenko.

Have you ever felt the need to cut ties with a highly toxic person who plays a significant role in your life? I have. On more than one occasion, regrettably, I have been involved with narcissistic people.

Achieving that realization and understanding the reasons why that kept happening wasn't easy or quick. So, nowadays, I’m working on setting boundaries to prevent the whole story from repeating itself.

What successfully got me out of relationships with narcissistic people was setting in motion the strategies described below.

What Ghosting Is All About

Ghosting is a radical way to set effective boundaries with people who lack empathy or…


Let all your secret kinks out.

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What type of porn do you like?

That simple question could save us lots of trouble in the long run. If only dating could be that easy. Sexual openness has increased over the years, but talking about your boudoir kinks and favorite porn stars is taboo.

My favorite porn actor is Nacho Vidal, in case you’re wondering. Nacho is a very sexy, intelligent, ambitious entrepreneur who works in Barcelona, ​​talking about ethics and raising awareness in the pornography industry.

He also sells perfume bottles that are reliable replicas of his most alluring body part.


We aren’t ready to drop our masks just yet.

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Since the CDC announced the US is heading back to a mask-free era, I started thinking about sex. I know it might sound like a weird combination, but after over four decades of advertising condoms as a method to prevent aids, we are still fighting some misconceptions.

Unprotected sex has made us all reflect on how we take care of ourselves and protect others.

What about masks and vaccinations? I think we all agree that wearing a mask, washing our hands regularly, and drowning ourselves in hand sanitizer changed our health experience dramatically.

On average, adults have between 2–3 colds…


Sex is always emotional, and it’s time to let it all out.

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There are three phases of the sexual response: excitement, plateau, and orgasm. But, as some of us would admit, there’s also a fourth part where you can’t hold your emotions back.

Why do you feel like crying after sex? And what can you do about it? Those are the two questions we are going to be addressing today.

If you, like myself, have found yourself crying after an orgasm, you’ve probably experienced some confusion and perhaps shame for having such mixed emotions. After all, crying your eyes out after experiencing an orgasm isn’t expected, even when the sex was terrible.

Crying after sex is actually a thing:


I didn’t get the $500 bonus either.

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Yes, we are all very aware that the best 1,000 writers received a $500 bonus on the platform. This article is an attempt to make some emotional damage control for writers that want to quit.

Through an e-mail, a thousand writers received well-deserved recognition for their articles’ performance during April. Currently, those are the most outstanding writers around.

I don’t know how many active members are part of the partner program, but I am possibly a member of the Facebook group formed by the 1,000 writers who received that “stimulus writer’s check.”

The avalanche of messages on the writer’s Facebook…


Here’s how to free yourself from that cycle.

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How jealous are you? The truth is, most people won’t answer this question honestly. When a relationship starts, a little bit of jealousy can be attractive.

Nevertheless, as with everything else in life, there’s a line nobody should cross. If you’re going through a jealousy-related crisis, you’re a jealous person or have been involved in this type of relationship, this article is for you.

I’m not in the position to write an overly general ineffective guide on how to change your partner’s distrustful ways. Yet, I can help you understand why you’re feeling attracted to their jealous and possessive personality.

The dark side of romance:

Mental Health

13 reasons to watch scary films plus a way to enjoy the whole thing.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Who would say that being a horror movie fan could be good for your mental health? Being a zombie connoisseur, vampire lover, and psychological thriller addict, I was excited to find that out.

If you’re on the same boat, paddling away from an undead horde of issues -watching slasher films in the process- you’re unknowingly delving into the same deep waters that can help you recover from trauma.

According to this guy’s research, when exposing yourself to recreational fear, you’re stimulating your brain and encouraging social behaviors that can strengthen your mental health. Bloody impressive, right?

In this article, we…

Your brain needs help to recover its mojo.

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If you’ve noticed your number of social interactions has dropped over the last year, it’s not just because of the confinement. Isolation can cause negative changes in your brain, cutting down the chances of having a social life by building meaningful connections.

Have you also seen changes in your social skills? We all have! But, that could improve with the brain workout I’m about to show you.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

― C.G. Jung

1. Understanding what isolation does to the brain:

Why do you need cuddling, chatting, and attending meetings you would rather avoid…


6 Strategies to deal with narcissistic family abuse.

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After fleeing the U.S. to recover from a year of narcissistic abuse, manipulation, and COVID-19, I managed to separate the wheat from the chaff. Rescuing my marriage and myself from all that drama was hard… but full of valuable lessons.

Today, I will share six narcissistic signs that can warn you about a family’s toxicity. You can also use this advice to evaluate your social circle, your current relationship, and even your work environment.

What’s narcissistic abuse?

Narcissism is a well-camouflaged personality disorder that’s causing more damage now than ever before. …

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